Jorg & Olif Citybikes USA Launch


Long before Droog, Koolhaas and Boontje, the Dutch had a much more classic design icon in their city-friendly bicycles. Now the Canadian company Jorg & Olif has brought a version of the bike stateside with the introduction of their Citybike to the U.S. market earlier this month. Featuring extended handlebars and a step-through model for skirt-wearers, the basic upright design makes riding a bike a much more civilized-feeling experience. The wide saddle increases comfort, while fender and chain guards, as well as coat/skirt guards, protect clothing from snags and splashes and pre-installed lights add safety at night. Updated for areas with hills, Jorg & Olif adds Shimano internal hub gear systems in one, three and eight speeds. Other perks include an in-wheel locking system, a built-in kickstand, wheels engineered for a smoother, faster ride, a sturdy rear rack with a strap and a traditional Dutch bell.

In addition to quality contruction and smart design, Jorg & Olif also round out their commitment to aesthetics with a line of acessories that add panache to a bike ride. From a simple black helmet ($195) to the "Citybag" (it's $115 and clips to the rack and can also be worn as a shoulder bag), Jorg & Olif are making bike riding more accessible to urbanites who believe in all the ethics of bike culture but who'd rather not have to roll up a pant leg.
Starting at $795 and going up to $1,295 depending on gears (only three and eight speeds have hand brakes), all bikes come with a pump. The Oma has a step-through frame and comes in extra-small, small and medium and the Opa comes in medium, large and extra-large. Order by emailing info [at] jorgandolif [dot] com or calling 604 877 1850.