Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography


Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography is a collection of contemporary photography from 121 living artists who have contributed to the international art photography scene in the last five years. The latest installment in Phaidon's lauded Vitamin series (which also includes titles Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting and Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing, Vitamin Ph) features photographers chosen by a distinguished panel of 78 critics, curators and fellow artists. The artists selected represent over 30 countries and run the gamut from established artists like Tacita Dean, to emerging talent and newcomers to the art world. Vitamin Ph features an introduction by art historian TJ Demos who explains that "photography, through its growing diversity, illustrates the many ways that we are different, helps us to understand those differences and connects us to the global world." CH favorite Anthony Goicolea (whose film The Septemberists we covered recently) is included, as well as Nikki S. Lee's amazing "Projects" in which she performs and embodies various identities from an exotic dancer to a yuppie. See more images here.

Vitamin Ph is available from Amazon.


Yto Barrada’s “Papier peint (Wallpaper)”


Elinor Carrucci’s “First Tears Over Another Man”


Anna Gaskells’ “Untitled


Tim Lee’s “The Jerk, Carl Reiner, 1979