Nine Red Gifts


Red, the color of passion, AIDS awareness and half of most Christmas decorations, also makes a wonderful hue for a gift—for those reasons and more. Here, we highlight the rouge and cherry of the Cool Hunting Gift Guide.

For your grab-and-go gifts, the vegan-friendly, PVC free Kling Bags make a earth-friendly gift in Ferrari red. To individualize a pocket gift, DB Clay Puzzle Wallets are handmade and one-of-a-kind. DB Clay is also offering CH readers a 15% discount just by entering the code "coolhunting15" at checkout.

Your crimson-obsessed, jet-setting cousin will salivate over the Galaxy Travel Set. This neat device has an alarm clock, currency converter, calculator and LED light so you're never out of sync.

The whimsical Kate Cusack Zipper Pin effortlessly combines fashion and fun.

Here's just the thing to help Great Aunt Mildred move past her George Foreman Grill obsession: the Mario Batali Panini Grill. This stylish deep red kitchen accoutrement makes delicious sandwiches without cluttering your countertop.

The insult-happy third cousin will appreciate the F*CK Snow Globe, combining holiday spirit and profanity in one nifty package.

Gibson's Dark Fire Electric Guitar makes the analog/digital union a whole lot more rock 'n' roll.

Sweet teeth will find epic satisfaction in Ribbon Candy Snowflakes and Zöe's Chocolate Co. Handmade Candy Cane Gift Box, both offering a deliciously novel take on the classic candy cane and celebrating a scarlet streak.