Six Gifts for the Hard-to-Please


When the scrooge in your life refuses to join the festivities, give them a good dose of the holiday spirit with a donation to Heifer International, which provides livestock to families in need. Meanwhile, the sweets-obsessed cousin will bask in the glow of raspberry rose truffles from Compartes Chocolatier.

Aunt Helga invites you to the Scottish mansion of her new husband, a member of parliament. How to thank her for such generosity? Kimberley Selwood Jewelry provides the perfect blend of fine craftsmanship and elegant design. And when her daughter Kimberley, the anti-consumerism poli-sci major, demands to know how you're shrinking your fossil fuel footprint, whip out Ellen's Non-Consuming Gift Ideas, a website that offers eco-friendly alternatives to all that stuff.

The steampunk enthusiast monastic third cousin that never leaves his log cabin in Oregon will undoubtedly appreciate a one-of-a-kind robot sculpture from Bennett Robot Works. His thrifty wife, meanwhile, will love these Tear Drop Tagua Earrings.

No matter what the occasion, the Cool Hunting Gift Guide has just the right knick or knack for every person in your life. Stay tuned as we unveil more goodies from our vault.