Spritzed under the tongue, Sprayology, a new oral supplement spray, promotes beauty and wellness from within by delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive tract, stomach and the standard metabolic process that interfere with tablets, liquids, and capsules, it's a more effective way to get your daily dose and the convienent slim design makes them perfect for on-the-go relief. Four product groups—rejuvenates, relieves, restores and rebuilds—include 25 different blends that use ancient homeopathics and supplements to target common ailments that face both men and women. A hangover preventer and cure, Party Relief ($20), includes activated charcoal for headache, dandelion plant for upset stomach and nausea and St. Mary's thistle for abuse of alcoholic beverages and hot peppers for sluggish and feeble digestion. Stress Less ($24), a product to temporarily relieve feelings of stress, nervousness, mood swings and irritability with passion flower to calm nerves, oats to ease nervousness, cinchona plant to reduce mood swings and valerian root to treat irritability. Other tonics range from a Daily Multi Vitamin ($24) to a sexual vitality elixir for men and women respectively called Man Power and Woman Power, which are both $32.