Seven Samurai: The Criterion Collection


Known for impeccable production values and extensive supplements, the Criterion Collection’s new reissue of Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece Seven Samurai is a case-in-point example of what makes an essential addition to any DVD collection. With its epic narrative and spectacular swordplay, the film is both a staple of any film school education and a favorite of the Tarantino-generation alike.

Possibly their most in-depth release in the collection so far, this three-disc set contains not only a beautifully restored version of the 207-minute film, but enough scholarly commentaries, additional documentaries, and lengthy essays to leave you prepared to teach a course on the film. Best of all, the exquisitely designed packging by Neil Kellerhouse makes this a smart-looking addition to any living room. Pick it up from Amazon.

by Michael Talbott