Communicating with Pattern: Circles and Dots


Circles and Dots proclaims, "the world is rounder than you think." Packed with amazing images of circular shapes in nature, art and design, as well as facts and historical context, it's as much about inspiration as it is a practical desk reference. The work of freelance brand consultant Mark Hampshire and Keith Stephenson of Absolute Zero Degrees (whose clever wallpaper and children's tableware designs we love), the anthology of round shapes also explores the way that circles can represent inclusion, while dots can signify rebellion, illustrated by examples from political propaganda and street signs.

The edition is one of the first in Rotovision's new series of books, Communicating with Pattern, which pays homage to the most basic and essential design elements in all their incarnations. Each volume is a unique look at how we communicate with a single pattern and the complete set hopes to be a "bible of pattern" for designers of all walks of life. The series currently includes a book on Stripes (also by Mark and Keith), with books on Squares, Checks, and Grids to follow. You can find both Rotovision.