iTank iPod cases


Designed to transport iPods on all your extreme adventures—whether snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing or merely braving the subway—YoTank iPod cases are machined from solid aluminum, thoroughly protecting iPods from dents and scratches. Ideal for people whose lifestyles mean they can't always be gentle with their gadgets, they're also a good way to protect iPods from harsh environments—we sourced them as a solution for security issues at an upcoming event. Featuring a screen protector made from machined lexan, the virtually unbreakable YoTanks come with a hex wrench for attaching and removing the front plate and an attachable carabiner. Currently offering the iTank Video ($75), the iTank Nano ($45) and ZenTank Vision:M ($75) for Creative's player, YoTank plans to expand into cases for cell phones and other electronics.