The Ecopod E1


An appliance that cleans up recycling and makes it easy to be green has arrived. The Ecopad E1 works similarly to a trash compactor and can hold up to 60 crushed containers. By replacing ad-hoc recycling methods the Ecopod E1 makes recycling more efficient at home, in the office and in schools.

The Ecopod E1 is a self-contained unit with storage capacity for bottles, newspapers, plastic bags and other recyclables. Once the container is compacted using the foot-activated lever it is stowed in a bin and ready for curbside disposal. As added incentive, filled pods are redeemable at certain recycling centers for up to $5 depending on the state.

The Ecopod was designed in partnership with BMW Designworks USA, and is available online from Ecopod in black or white for $328, and starting in December 2006 also at Williams-Sonoma.

By Maya Melenchuk