Cowboy Cauldron

Ranch Boss Fire Pit


Ranch Boss can burn whole logs, seat large numbers of people, and feed throngs. Its size gives tremendous versatility for many kinds of cooking, from rotisserie to Dutch oven, and from grilling to the serving as the world’s most impressive soup pot. While it is often the central point of resort and lodge settings it is often found on home patios as a statement of quality and the center of outdoor family life.With a 6’4″ tripod height, a vast basin and even larger diameter, Cowboy Cauldron’s Ranch Boss can hold a number of full logs and create a perimeter large enough for a whole family to sit around and enjoy. This is an outdoor tool for grilling on, cooking in or simply for taking in warmth while outside. Each cauldron has been crafted from solid, seamless, high-tensile plate steel—and while that alludes to its functionality and durability, it’s also a beast of simple beauty.