Five Last-Minute Digital Gifts

If you're coming down to the wire for holiday gifting but don't want to send the standard e-gift certificate, we've pulled together a few digital options that'll show you've put some thought into your giving this year—or at least show you read Cool Hunting.


Subscription to Marvel Digital Comics
For the action comic book fan, give the gift of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Sixty bones will get your recipient one year of access to over 7,000 new and classic titles in Marvel's online viewer, searchable by character, writer, illustrator, title and more.


Ghostly Essential Compilations
Ever the pioneer in digital distribution, the independent music label Ghostly International just put together five essential compilations covering its first ten years of output. Covering the spectrum of avant-pop, SMM and dance floor electronic, the anthologies make a great way to introduce a friend or loved one to the Ghostly world. The bonus? When you gift a compilation, you get a copy for yourself. How's that for holiday rewards?


A Year's Worth of Netflix
We searched high and low for an alternative to the obvious in digital film delivery, but a wining formula is hard to argue with. Though the streaming catalog still has a long way to go, nothing beats the convenience of the service. Giving the gift of one year ($168 for two DVDs out and unlimited streaming) isn't something your giftee will soon forget.


Steam Games
PC gamers are a fickle bunch but few would object to getting a free game delivered straight to their inbox. Steam is a popular digital distribution platform and gaming community with a host of games, from multiplayer first-person shooters and RPGs to more strategic and family friendly options. We've heard Machinarium is an imaginative winner, in a Tim Burton meets "Wall-E" kind of way.


A Pandora mix station
It may not be as great as a mix tape (nothing may ever be), but Pandora's gift station is an easy way to show a loved one you care…about their musical tastes. Create a custom Pandora mix station by naming up to five artists, give it a name, choose a skin and email it to your recipient. Pandora takes care of the rest. Best of all, it's free.