The Oratory Laboratory: A Father’s Day Toast


While money can't buy you love, it can come close with a thoughtful, personalized speech written by The Oratory Laboratory. For celebrations ranging from weddings to bar mitzvahs to "other grand affairs," the service is an ideal solution for those who fear public speaking or for those who just need a little help polishing—i.e. most of us.

In this case, we tasked the professional writers behind the service, Nathan Phillips and Victoria Wellman, with a toast to dear old dad.

After filling out a questionnaire with questions designed to pull out personal details and anecdotes (see it after the jump), they delivered a speech that's both sweetly sentimental and sure to inspire a chuckle or two (see below).

The New York-based duo offer other lengths and formats (from a one to two minute "Wilde" to "The Obama") and will work with you over email, in person and/or via webcam to get the sentiments and the delivery right, a process they call "speechification." Contact The Oratory Laboratory through their site to make your meaningful moments even more so.