Spark Mini Drone


Two factors come into play when considering a drone purchase: size and capability. With the brand new Spark, tech firm DJI has struck an ideal balance—a palm-sized quadcopter that carries some of the best features available. As expected, there’s a stabilized camera that snags 1080 video and 12mp images in various shooting modes. It’s DJI’s other developments that truly impress though, from the drone’s range (1.2 miles) to intuitive functions like FaceAware (where the drone quick-launches from your hand because it recognizes your face) and Simple Control (which allows for direction changes without a remote, using only arm gestures). The Spark is top of its class and can fly for up to 16 minutes uninterrupted at speeds of 50 km/h. It also comes complete with a free 16-GB microSD card. Shipping for the Spark is slated for 15 June.