My favorite part about eating a whole chicken is the wishbone and although I'm not suppose to say—I usually wish for more wishes. An alternative is the Wishpaper, a notepad that doubles as a paper wishbone offering 100 wishes.

Featuring a wishbone on every 4" x 5" page, each sheet has a 1" cut at the bottom. Just remove the page from the pad and pull the paper apart from the bottom corners. Whoever gets the bigger piece of the bone wins their wish. You can also write your wish on either side of the paper. We're not convinced it's completely fair—we've noticed whoever starts pulling first usually gets the larger end—but it's a fun and interesting dual-purpose note pad nonetheless.

Purchase 100 wishes in the form of Wishpaper at Pardoxy Products for $5. They also make Lovepaper and Decisionpaper which work off the same design concept.