Bob Books Flickbooks


A wonderfully tactile keepsake, the Bob Books Flickbook takes your personal video clips and renders them as an old-fashioned pocket-sized flip book. The clever format makes for a fun way to share the ubiquitous videos shot on digital cameras and cell phones—both a curious novelty and a tangible document for the more ephemeral digital videos.

To create a Flickbook, convert any digital video into either .mov, .avi, .mp4 or .mpg format. The Flickbook generator allows you to select the best section, which needs to clock in between six and eight seconds and can't exceed the 30 MB size limit. After the painless upload process, you can use their software to design both front and back covers, along with the spine using new photos or stills from the video.

The end result comes in one size (125 x 65mm) with 70 printed pages of matte-coated paper and a sturdy binding. Each book costs about $20, plus shipping charges. Visit Bob Books for more information and to use the Flickbook generator.