Available in six colors that are named after semi-precious stones—Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Jasper, Moonstone and Amethyst—and reflect its natural ingredients, TooD’s bioglitter is the world’s only truly biodegradable glitter. While plenty of cosmetic glitter products tout themselves as sustainable, the compostable options are impractical (wearers must scrape it off their face and then go through the several composting steps) and many that claim to be biodegradable are indeed made from plant-based ingredients, but are then covered in plastic—entirely nullifying any environmentally friendly effects. TooD’s bioglitter completely breaks down in freshwater or saltwater, in just 28 days. That means wearers can wash their face as normal, and have no guilt about washing microplastics into rivers and oceans. With a TUV certification from Germany and Austria, TooD’s bioglitter is made from non-toxic, plastic-free, plant cellulose and looks, smells and works much like conventional glitter, but feels slightly softer and lighter. The brand’s eco-friendly packaging is made by a solar-powered manufacturer. Safe for the face or body, bioglitter is intended for playful self-expression and self-celebration.