The Hometown Issue


Travel and food magazine Fifty Grande addresses the various scenes—both small and large in scale—across the US, encouraging readers to enjoy the nation’s domestic and culinary grandeur. For its first issue, the focus lies on hometowns. But, to introduce readers to the magazine’s particular lens, it all begins with a thesis statement of sorts: “How do you begin a fresh exploration of the United States in 2020? It’s home to 328 million residents in 3.8 million square miles…It’s also an idea as much as it is anything else: A better way of life, achieved through democracy, liberty and opportunity. Exploring the country is all of this: people, places, ideas and more, across all 50 states.” From Boston and Chicago to New York and Houston, cities are explored with a particular intimacy and care for conveying their complexity. Editor and founder Chris M Walsh guides the collective force’s debut, but allows for it to bound off the page, much like those beloved food magazines that are now bygone.