Great (Women) Artists


With the work of 400+ artists from all over the world, Great Women Artists spans five centuries of glorious creations—from the Renaissance to Rococo, Surrealism, to street photography and beyond. While there are plenty of household names like Kara Walker, Barbara Kruger, Yayoi Kusama and Elaine de Koonig, hundreds of lesser-known artists are given the same amount of space in this comprehensive tome. Organized in alphabetical order, each artist (be it Anna Waser or Xiao Lu) is illustrated with an image of their work and a short introduction. A wonderful jumping off point for readers to begin exploring many of these artist’s careers, the book—by PHAIDON and in conjunction with Kering’s Women In Motion program—serves as a reminder that while oftentimes undervalued and underrepresented, there have been many, many great women artists.